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Star trails over the Australian Outback by photographer Lincoln Harrison

Photographer Lincoln Harrison spends hours with his camera in the Australian Outback to create these magnificent star trail pictures. The colourful spirals are the result of the Earth moving, creating the impression that the stars are travelling across the night sky. 


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Andre Rieu & Carmen Monarcha - O Mio Babbino Caro (Telstra Dome in Melbourne)

Obamacare: Delivering Affordable Health Care

Incredible. Rafael Nadal vs Lukas Rosol - Wimbledon 2012, highlights.

Could not make it up.

Paxman cross examines well in the video embedded in


BBC News - David Cameron denies George Osborne ‘hid’ after fuel U-turn

Whatever Jimmy Carr did, isn’t it totally demagogic for Cameron to ignore individual tax payer confidentiality? Especially when he was on the right side of the law (which DC is said to preside over?)

Poetry should be subversive
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Poetry should be subversive
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